Viribright™ Lighting Inc. is a subsidiary of Matrix Lighting Ltd.; a Matrix Holdings company is in the business of sales and marketing of emergent energy efficient LED Light Bulbs and related products branded Viribright, Benchmark, BenchmarkII, and the new High CRI High Efficiency Series (BMIIC).

Viribright has become an industry recognized brand and company who sells products through distribution and a professional national sales network. Viribright’s NEW High CRI and High Efficiency series of products have hit new heights in LED bulb performance achieving 90CRI @ 90Lm/W and with R9 values up to 85.

The benefits of this High CRI and efficiency are quality of the light experience for the customer while maintaining maximum energy savings and efficiency.Our new patented and proprietary remote phosphor technology is engineered to offer high CRI, highest efficiency, and best value. Leadership as defined by innovation and value gives Viribright Lighting the distinction of being a leader in both technology and cost innovation.With branch offices and warehouses in the USA, England, Australia, New Zealand, and LA