Product Description

The new Viribright LED 90+ CRI high efficiency light bulbs are engineered with the patent pending ViriTrue™ White technology.

ViriTrue™ White technology is a proprietary remote phosphor technology developed by our engineers to increase the efficiency (lumens per watt), increase the average color rendering index (CRI Ra) and produce a high quality of light that makes colors appear vibrant and true. All the while consuming less energy.

Color Temps of 2700k p/n 750135, 4000k p/n 750136, 6000k p/n 750137 available.


Contains No Mercury
Traditional bulb shape and size
Consumes up to 80% Less Energy
Cool to the Touch
Shatter resistant design
Extra Long Life (25,000 Hours)
New ViriTrue White technology
Dimmable with Viribright BMII 300W dimmers
High 90+ Color Rendering Index
High Efficiency (Lpw 80)
Not for use in totally enclosed fixtures