Matrix Lighting has developed ViriTrue™ technology for its new LED Bulbs which is a cutting edge way of converting light into accurate colors of white that enhance and reflect the true colors of life and in a way that is superior.

The benefits of ViriTrue™ are:

✓ High Efficacies

BMII Series 83-87Ra CRI at 60-80lm/w

BMIIc Series 80-90lm/w

✓ Enhanced Color Conversion

(Upconversion from Violet versus Blue)

✓ Enhanced Color Stability

(Yellow phosphors remote from the heat source)

✓ High Quality of Light

>90Ra Color Rendering

✓ Freedom from Binning

CCT Consistency across the line and between production and models.

What does 90 CRI mean?

See how the new Viribright LED bulbs compare to an incandescent bulb.

As discussed in the quality of light, LED light is measured against incandescent light. The goal is to have light render colors of light naturally as they would look under sunlight or incandescent light.

The achievement of 90CRI @ 80-90Lm/W is a breakthrough achievement as others who have attained 90CRI have done so with far less efficiency. Typically other 90+ CRI LED bulbs efficacies are in the 50-60’s Lm/W or around 30% less efficient than Viribright.

The new Viribright BMIIc series technology is the closest thing to incandescent lighting that can be found on the market today at a price that inspires consumers to buy more LED bulbs.