Viribright Lighting

Viribright™ Lighting is a leading manufacturer and growing household brand in LED lighting solutions. Our mission is to introduce the bright side of light by offering better, more reliable lighting for home and business.


What We Do

Viribright uses premium technology to provide superior performance, maximum efficiency, exceptional light quality, and incredible value in all of our products.  We are committed to offering name brand quality without the name brand price tag.  We believe everyone should experience the bright side of light.

Where we are

Our manufacturing facility in DaNang, Viet Nam (6m SQ Ft.) allows us to meet both retail and commercial demands to ensure our products are always available around the globe. The reach of our lighting solutions can be experienced globally with offices and distribution in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.


Our Technology

Our leading technology has enabled us to exceed industry standards by achieving high color rendering and maximum efficiency in each of our brands, and designs.  This includes surpassing LED light bulb performance levels like 90+CRI @ 100+Lm/W including R9 efficiency values over 85+.