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This web interface was designed to assist us in making sure that your inquiry is handled in a timely manner.

Use this Reference Sheet to see bulbs currently covered under our limited warranty.

Complete the brief form and submit. You will receive an email with a ticket number. At that time please provide as much information about your inquiry as a reply to that email such as:

  • The company name that you purchased the product from
  • Your Return Address:
    City, State Zip Code
  • Your Phone Number

Related Product Information

(Most of the information below is printed on the actual bulb itself)

  • Part Number
  • Quantity
  • Color Temperature (Warm White, Cool White, Daylight)
  • Production Codes (Begins with a V or Z or a 6 digit code such as 505064)
  • Description of the nature of the inquiry

Sample Viribright LED bulb with production code location

If you have more than one type of product then please also add the same information for those.

Part Number – Qty – Color Temperature – Production Codes

Whenever possible please provide the SKU from the packaging

For more information about our limited warranty please Click Here