Par38 E26 LED Light Bulb Graphic - Viribright

PAR38 LED Light manufacturer

The NEW Viribright LED 90+ CRI high efficiency PAR38 flood light bulbs are engineered with the patent pending ViriTrue™ White technology. “ViriTrue™ White technology is a proprietary, remote phosphor technology developed by our engineers to increase the efficiency (lumens per watt), increase the average color rendering index (CRI Ra) and produce a high quality of light that makes colors appear vibrant and true. All the while consuming less energy. For more information on why you should choose high CRI and high efficiency Viribright LED light bulbs visit our internet site”.

PAR38 Flood Light Benefits

• 1200-1350 Lumens
• 90+ High CRI
• New ViriTrue™ White Technology
• Engineered for high efficiency
• Traditional Flood Shape
• Consumes up to 80% Less Energy
• Extra long life (25,000 Hours)
• Cool to Touch
• Contains No Mercury
• Shatter Resistant Design