VIRIBRIGHT LED PL Retrofit Lamps are designed to replace plug in (PL) Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). VIRIBRIGHT LED PL lamps are ballast compatible with magnetic ballast or direct wire applications and engineered for horizontal applications. Available in 8.5W, with GU24, GX23, G24d, G24Q base options, the VIRIBRIGHT LED PL lamps with our new patent pending remote phosphor technology deliver uniform consistency, and a long 25,000-hour life.

VIRIBRIGHT LED PL lamps replace 13-watt and 18-watt inefficient PL CFLs, and retrofit a variety of commercial fixtures to include recessed cans, sconces, and ceiling fixtures most commonly found to light retail stores, hotels and apartment buildings.

Constructed with a lamp holder that rotates to adjust to a variety of base angles found in the market and is engineered for years of maintenance free horizontal stick applications.

Color Temps of 2700k p/n 750162, 4000k p/n 750163, 6000k p/n 750164 available.


Contains No Mercury
Traditional bulb shape and size
Consumes up to 80% Less Energy
Cool to the Touch
Shatter resistant design
Extra Long Life (25,000 Hours)
New ViriTrue White technology
Works with magnetic ballast and direct wire AC ballast bypassed
Ballast bypassed
Not for use in totally enclosed fixtures