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Incandescent light bulbs are being banned. CFL and fluorescent based light bulbs are bad for the environment and can be bad for your health.

Fluorescent Technology Contains Poisonous Mercury thus not a green solution CFL Lamps are not well liked but WERE the only energy savings alternative to incandescent

While we say good bye to the inventions of Thomas Edison and other inventors of initial light bulb technologies we face a new dilemma.

If you own or are thinking of buying (CFL) Compact Fluorescent light bulbs ask answer these questions then read the links below.

Q: When you turn on the light switch do the lights come on full brightness or does it take a very long time for the light to come up to full brightness?

Q: Do you hear a noticeable buzz or hum when you turn your lights on?

Q: Does the color of the light shift over time after turning on the lights?

Q: Did you buy the CFL thinking you had to leave it on all the time in order for the lifetime stated on the package to be realized?

Q: When your CFL stopped working did you take it to a recycling center or did you throw it in the trash?

Q: Did you know CFL Lamps contain poisonous mercury?

Q: Did you know that CFL Lamps are regulated in the U.S. A. by the E.P.A. Environmental Protection Agency?

The reality is that there are millions of CFL lamps that have been sold around the world and they ALL contain poisonous mercury. Additionally most consumers throw broken or burnt CFLs into their waste bins because there are too few recycling centers or from a basic lack of knowledge of the hazards of mercury to themselves, family and loved ones, and the environment. If not for any other reason the fact that CFL light bulbs contain poisonous mercury should be the single most compelling reason to change to LED Lighting.

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) U.S.A
Cleaning Up a Broken CFL
What to do if a CFL breaks in your home!

Recycling and Disposal After a CFL Burns Out

EPA recommends that consumers take advantage of available local options for recycling CFLs, other fluorescent bulbs and all household hazardous wastes rather than disposing of them in regular household trash.
CFL Recycling

When replacing CFL with Viribright LED Lamps we request that you find a local recycling center and take your working or burnt out CFL to a recycling center.