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Santa Barbara ACE Hardware

We asked Gary Simpson and Tim Petter of the highly successful ACE Santa Barbara Home Improvement Center, located in Santa Barbara California, why they chose Viribright LED light bulbs exclusively!

VB: Why do you sell Viribright over other brands of the warehouse program?
GS: We feel the packaging and overall product is far superior over others that have been presented to us thus far.

VB: What do you find that your customers like about Viribright product above the other brands you have sold in the past?
GS: The color spectrum of the bulb and visual representation of the packaging seem to be the overall drivers for our customers.

VB: How would you rate our quality of product and support?
GS: The quality of the product has surpassed our expectations, and the support we have received from the company whether from the regional representative or direct has been outstanding.

VB: Why do you think that other independents should choose Viribright as a drop ship program over other brands.
GS: The product alone would be reason to choose Viribright but the support that is provided makes the switch over a no-brainer in our eyes.

VB: Any other comments you would like to make.
GS: We are very glad to have made the jump to carrying Viribright over any of the other brands even if it meant straying from the “pack” of our co-op.  The lighting market is heating up and is an area for independents to recapture a bigger segment of that market bringing new technology, efficiency, and price points.


Do it Best – CEO Bob Taylor sees light bulbs as an area of growth and profit for independent hardware stores.*

“The lighting piece I think is one of those areas for independents to kind of recapture a bigger segment of that business than what they traditionally had,” he said. In order for independent retailers to benefit from the LED light bulb market heating up they must be competitive price wise. “With prices of LED lamps dropping in the big box stores independent retailers need to buy smart and merchandise right” Jim Hardaway – Vice President of Viribright Lighting.

“LED is a game changer which shifts the bounds of traditional lamp distribution. When looking for a LED supply or supplier, whether in warehouse or drop ship make sure that you are getting the best quality at the best price and a product that differentiates your store from the ”me too” market.

“An LED light bulb placed in a socket today greatly reduces your ability to sell to that socket for the next 5-22 years due to the long life of LED. This in and of its self should be motivation enough to adopt a price competitive wide range, and unique product offering.”                  * Home Channel News May 29, 2013