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Matrix Lighting has developed ViriTrue™ technology for its new LED Bulbs which is a cutting edge way of converting light into accurate colors of white that enhance and reflect the true colors of life and in a way that is superior.

Viribright Light Bulbs just got a boost in CRI and in efficiency with the latest developments in ViriTrue™ White technology.

Viribright will be stocking and shipping the 90+CRI at 90 Lumens per watt (Lpw) efficiency series of A Lamps and Chandelier bulbs as well as 90+CRI at 80 Lumens per watt (Lpw) PAR, BR, MR, GU, Down Light inserts.

Through the invention of our new color conversion LED technology that is patent pending Viribright has been able to deploy that technology across an entire product range. This new technology not only increases the CRI to those of the Sun and Fire, but also has increased the efficiency of energy to light conversion exponentially. The Benchmark IIc (BMIIc) series embodies this latest technological breakthrough by Viribright.

How CRI and Color Works

Color isn’t as simple as we may assume it is. Actually it is really quite complicated! Color works like this: standing outside in the sunlight, and you are surrounded by all of the different colors of visible light, that is because sunlight contains all of the colors of the rainbow; when it bounces onto an object, the surface of that object absorbs all of the rays of light except for its particular color. The color that is not absorbed bounces off the object and hits your eyes.

For example, a red apple absorbs all of the light except red, which it reflects back to you and your eyes see that reflected light, and your brain thinks you are seeing a red apple!Under different light sources colors appear to change because not all light bulbs emit light like the sun’s light. The Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a way to show a light bulb’s ability to show color in objects. Light bulbs that score 90 to 100 averages on the CRI are best at showing colors in the same way that the light of the sun would. Lights also have different color temperatures that are expressed in degrees Kelvin (K). Lights that have color temperatures of 5000-6000K or more are similar to sunlight. Cool bulbs have color temperatures of 4000K to just over 4000K. Lights that are considered “warm” light have low color temperatures around 2700-3000 K. A candle flame produces a very “warm” light that’s just under 2000K. Warmer temperatures create tones that are yellow and red, while higher color temperatures show tones that are blue. Look for lights that have a high color rendering index, or CRI. The higher the CRI, the better the light will render colors and allow you to closely match your makeup to your skin tone. (An 80-plus CRI is considered to be very good.)